May 2, 2013

Hello, friends.

High upon the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, The Little Fuller Band was born. A highly energetic and refreshing change of pace from your usual folk band, these young performers’ sound is something that is very much alive and growing rapidly. Combining influences from folk, bluegrass, country, gypsy, punk and rock and roll, with a focus on a heavily rhythmic use of traditional string instruments, every song breathes with it’s own unique dynamic sound and velocity. Their music is naturally energetic, which is compounded by their magnetism and presence on stage. Their writing creates an ever-changing style that blends seamlessly with powerful lyrics, touching on subjects ranging from political to playful. A familiar sound with a breath of fresh air, The Little Fuller Band is something you don’t want to miss.

Site Photos by Andrew Quist, Forrest StanleyJohn ChapmanScott Martin (Darklight Digital) and Sarah Hosek • © all rights reserved.

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